Lot: Son of Haran, Nephew of Abram


Some people simply drift through life. Their choices, when they can muster the will to choose, tend to follow the course of least resistance. Lot, Abram’s nephew, was such a person.

While still young, Lot lost his father. Although this must have been hard on him, he was not left without strong role models in his grandfather Terah and his uncle Abram, who raised him. Still, Lot did not develop their sense of purpose. Throughout his life, he was so caught up in the present moment that he seemed incapable of seeing the consequences of his actions. It is hard to imagine what his life would have been like without Abram’s careful attention and God’s intervention.

By the time Lot drifted out of the picture, his life had taken an ugly turn. He had so blended into the sinful culture of his day that he did not want to leave it. Then his daughters committed incest with him. His drifting finally took him in a very specific direction – destruction.

Lot, however, is called “righteous” in the New Testament (2 Peter 2:7,8). Ruth, a descendant of Moab, was an ancestor of Jesus, even though Moab was born as a result of Lot’s incestuous relationship with one of his daughters. Lot’s story gives hope to us that God forgives and often brings about positive circumstances from evil.

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What is the direction of your life? Are you headed toward God or away from him? If you’re a drifter, the choice for God may seem difficult, but it is the one choice that outs all other choices in a different light.

Strengths and Accomplishments

  • He was a successful businessman
  • Peter calls him a righteous man (2 Peter 2:7,8)

Weakness and Mistakes

  • When faced with decisions, he tended to put off deciding, then chose the easiest course of action
  • When given a choice, his first reaction was to think of himself

Lesson from His Life

  • God wants us to do more than drift through life; he wants us to be an influence for him

Vital Statistics for Lot

  • Where: Lived first in Ur of the Chaldeans, then moved to Canaan with Abram. Eventually, he moved to the wicked city of Sodom
  • Occupation: Wealthy sheep and cattle rancher; also a city official
  • Relatives: Father: Haran. Adopted by Abram when his father died. The name of his wife, who turned into a pillar of salt, is not mentioned

Key Verse for Lot

“When he hesitated, the men grasped his hand and the hands of his wife and of his two daughters and led them to safety out of the city, for the Lord was merciful to them” (Genesis 19:16).

Lot’s story is told in Genesis 11-14; 19. He is also mentioned in Deuteronomy 2:9, Luke 17:28-32; 2 Peter 2:7,8.

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